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Client support

Client Support

Feel free to get in touch with us. We are always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas or opportunities to be a part of your vision.


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Client support:

“what, how, why and why not”

We at Aakro Development, when we sign projects, we make sure to document the phases as any company would (should) do. After signing up a project, and the lead is converted, they become our client: which means treatment should be special. Hence, we have client support.

Basics: Once a project is converted, there are doubts to be cleared from both the client and our side. We need to document what we have conversed throughout the project from start till end. Hence, we ask our clients to mail us queries to

What happens if the client mails to

  • The query falls into our mailbox as tickets. Hence, our admin allocates the ticket to the concerned team/executive according to the nature of the query.
  • For example: “a text change in the website” gets allocated to the developer who had worked on your project. “Why is the website acting slow?” gets allocated to our system admin. “How do I upgrade my security of the website?” gets allocated to our project manager
  • Hence, the solution is discussed internally within our team and replied to the client accordingly.

How much time does it take to solve a query?

  • There are generally two types of queries:

    1. New query: is one where a client raises a separate query on a particular issue/doubt

   2. Extended query: is one where the client responds to the reply from Aakro Development on the same new query raised by the client. More like a mail thread.

  • When a new query is raised to, the client gets an acknowledgment reply. Generally, each query takes 24-48 business hours max to check and revert. In case of special queries, if and only if the query needs extended time for fixing or reply, we will keep the client informed about the extended timeline along with the reason.
  • When an extended query is raised to, the client does not get an acknowledgment reply, while we shall allocate the query to our concerned team/executive and reply accordingly within 12-24 business hours max from the time of the extended query raised.

Why mail instead send a message or WhatsApp?

  • We believe in proper documentation of client queries (issues, bugs, feedback, updates). Hence, to achieve the same, we follow “All on in one place” rather than “All over the place”.
  • In the near future, we are making arrangements to provide our clients with a support panel to create tickets and to check the statuses of each query raised.

When can a client raise a query?

  • No special timing, anytime mail us at
  • Our business hours are calculated between 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. Queries raised on weekends will be allocated and replied during weekdays. Business hours are not calculated during special days like government holidays and emergency holidays.

Can I just call Gautam or Subbu and tell him about my query?

  • Gautam is the Chief Marketing Officer of Aakro Development.
  • Subendran (AKA Subbu) is the Chief Technical Architect of Aakro Development.
  • Hence, calling Gautam/Subbu for special cases would be fine, but queries are answered (almost 99%) by the core team. So mailing to is highly recommended and that’s how clients can enjoy services.
  • Gautam and Subbu will have a track of the client queries.

Want to join Team Aakro? This is what we expect


At Aakro Development, we respect talent but a good attitude tops the list. Talent is secondary, while if you’ve got the ever-ready attitude to learn, accept and point out mistakes, become better, then here’s the place to enjoy your work!

Pseudo coding

Programming is an art but pseudo coding brings out better productivity. It’s not just about writing codes on paper, but the logic which has to be used to bring solution

Work ability from remote

At Aakro Development, we believe work takes up major part of our day, which plays a predominant part of our lives. Hence, when we thought how we do we enjoy work, With such abundant technologies surrounding, all we believe is to make use of them and work from our places. So we expect our future team member to have good network, environment, creativity and connectivity with team to work productively from their places.

Ability to write

Writing is a form of expression. So even if thoughts aren’t clear writing helps to streamline. The more you write, the more one wants to read. We at Aakro Development, expect our team member to have a good writing ability to respond to the client’s mail, deliver updates within team mates, propose new ideas for better productivity and service.

We enhance your biz as your own tech wing would!