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Choose your website static pack: 

Starter plan: Rs.6,500

1 page website 

2 social media links

3 days allocation

4 changes / year  

No mobile/tablet responsive

Economy plan: Rs.9,500

3 pages website 

3 social media links

6 days allocation

10 changes / year  

No mobile/tablet responsive

Elite plan: Rs.13,500

5 pages website 

Unlimited social media links

8 days allocation

10 changes / year  

Mobile/tablet responsive

Gold bundle: Rs.19,500

6 pages website 

Unlimited social media links

8-10 days allocation

10 changes / year  

Mobile responsive

Free WhatsApp bot

Free any add-on for 1st year


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Suggested add-ons to website*

SSL for security

SSL for security

Make sure to protect your website from unnecessary malware with our SSL add-on

Whatsapp chat

WhatsApp chat

This will help your viewers to directly connect with you over WhatsApp for faster conversions



What if your viewer has some doubts? Clarify them through this chat feature

Social media links

Enquiry form

Make sure your customers doubts/ requests are resolved by an enquiry form in your website

We provide the best dynamic website plans too!


E-commerce website

E-commerce website

Selling products is easy with our e-commerce solutions. Be it payment gateway integrations, management of products, customers and orders are super cool features to cherish.  

Dynamic website with admin panel

Dynamic website with admin panel

Building website with features of changing your contents of the website through the admin panel is developed meticulously by our team! 

Terms & conditions:

Terms & conditions:

1. Domain to be purchased by client

2. Contents in the form of text, specific images, videos, video links, logo are to be provided by client. 

3. Payment splits:

        1. Starter pack: 

                1.  Advance: Rs.6,500+GST

        2. Economy pack: 

                1. Advance: Rs.6,000 

                2. Remaining: Rs.2,500+GST after completion

        3. Elite pack: 

                1. Advance: Rs.8,000 

                2. Remaining: Rs.6,500+GST after completion

        4. Gold bundle: 

                1. Advance: Rs.11,000 

                2. Remaining: Rs.8,500+GST after completion

4. Website & other allied services will be frozen if not renewed. Services will resume to work after renewal

5. Domain renewal is to be done by client separately. Technical assistance from Aakro Development can be provided at Rs.500(plus tax) per hour.

6. The client(s) will be charged an extra of Rs.1000(plus tax) per day in case of delay in response after an update from Aakro Development.

7. Aakro Development has the rights to pull down the site and and other services in case of delays more than the mentioned days of allocation or non-renewal of website/services after informing the client

8. The above rates of website and other services can be changed by Aakro Development without any prior notification. 

9. The development work will start only after the contents (images, text, logo and contact details) are properly provided by the client

10. Advance payment from client(s) is mandatory before development initiation.

11. Payments made are non-refundable under any circumstances

12. One year of maintenance will be considered from the earlier instance: date of payment or date of first launch of website 

13. Aakro Development has the rights to terminate the project in case the client has not replied for more than 4 days during project and client will be charged Rs.1000 per day more than the days of allocation for each pack/plan

14. Domain purchase and renewal to be done by client, for which Aakro Development shall update/notify/remind in advance

15. Any form of custom animations, pop-up, payment gateway, backend access will not be included in the present charges for static website packs

16.  Static website design to be chosen from the listed samples under each specific pack