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EP07 | S01


Discussing safety (Part 1)

Discussing Health & Safety with Mr.Kalyan Raman

EP06 | S01


Discussing drugless healing with Dr. Bharath

Discussing Acupuncture with Dr.Bharath from Dr.Bharath's AcuHeal, Chennai.

EP05 | S01

Discussing foreign languages with Prof.Rajeev

EP5 with Prof.Rajeev from CFL Global, Chennai.

EP04 | S01

Quarantine & Work

Discussing how quarantine is, with 3 different people form 3 different places! 

1. H.X.Melvin

2. Dr. V.Y.Vamsi

3. Sreenidhi RV

EP03 | S01

Architecture is like poetry

Discussing how architecture is poetry with Sunalini Esther (The Atelier, Chennai)

EP02 | S01

Don't make office out of home

We discussed on the basics of "How remote work is a boon" in Ep1.  But, as remote work is new, there are loads of wrong doings when working from home, predominantly because many companies and its employees are trying to replicate the office when at home. But, it has to be work from home! not office from home!

EP01 | S01

Why REMOTE WORK is a boon

We at Aakro Development are happy to share our thoughts on how we gained the best times while working from remote.